Norseman Oilfield Mechanical Services - Red Deer, Alberta

Family owned and operated, Norseman Oilfield Mechanical Services has been serving Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia since 2004. Norseman Oilfield Mechanical Services has the perfect balance of experience and education.  With more than 115-years of service experience, and more than 90-years welding and fabrication experience, our strength truly does come from our people.


Norseman Oilfield Mechanical Services’ vision is to be recognized as the supplier of choice for industry leading  solutions  in the transportation and oilfield services industry.


Norseman Oilfield Mechanical Services provides maintenance and repair service to a wide range of fleet and oilfield related customers.

We achieve our vision through a commitment to quality, highly trained and skilled staff and state of the art equipment.

We strive to work, as partners, with our customers to achieve cost effective solutions that meet or exceed expectations.



Come work with Norseman Oilfield Mechanical!   Located in Blindman Industry Park, north of Red Deer, we offer competitive wages, full benefits package, paid training, AND our, all new, Bonus/Incentive Package, we are a sought after employer! 

Please fax resumes to 403-348-5588.

Currently, there are no openings.  Please check back often.




General Manager

Welding & Fabrication Sales

Mechanical Service & Parts